Toga Virilis

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TOGA VIRILIS: By combining elements of contemporary western style with traditional Japanese design, award-winning TOGA VIRILIS designer Yasuko Furuta has created unique and striking men's shoe designs fusing vintage elements and details with sleek, modern shapes. Furuta’s sure hand with contrasting textures, colors, prints, and materials brings depth and detail to pieces that easily bridge casual and formal contexts. Since 2012 TOGA PULLA and TOGA VIRILIS footwear lines have been distributed by SIX LONDON.


  • Toga Virilis AJ914
  • Toga Virilis AJ913
  • Toga Virilis AJ908
  • Toga Virilis AJ830
  • togavirilis1
  • Toga Virilis AJ912
  • Toga Virilis AJ911
  • Toga Virilis AJ911
  • Toga Virilis AJ909

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